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Founder & President, Gina Donisi.

Gina inherited her burning entrepreneurial spirit from her beloved father, Americus “Nick” Donisi. Inspired by his example and her natural love of the outdoors, she founded The Fence Company, based in Loveland, Ohio, in 1996. In the later part of Nick’s life, he spent much time accompanying Gina on estimates and meeting customers. This gave Gina an opportunity to talk with her father about business and helped her build the business it is today.

Gina’s passion for excellence and her commitment to providing expert advice and guidance during the planning phase, has resulted in the successful installation of fence projects for thousands of Greater Cincinnati residents and businesses alike. She and her employees take great pride in providing a personal touch from project start to finish, which makes working with The Fence Company a truly unique experience.

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Project Planning List.

Did you know most cities and municipalities require a Zoning Permit be obtained prior to the installation of a new fence? Check with your local city government to find out what is required in your neighborhood. **The Fence Company will schedule your installation upon receipt of a copy of your zoning permit.

Did you know that obtaining a Stake Survey is the only accurate way to correctly designate the legal boundaries of your property? Please remember to keep us informed if you order a stake survey, and forward a copy of the Platt Survey drawing once you have received the survey report from your surveyor.

Did you know that pool and hot tub lines, sprinkler systems, invisible fence and other privately installed electrical, water, or gas lines on your property are not marked by the Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS). Please contact the company(s) which installed these improvements for you to arrange to have these lines marked prior to your fence installation.

The Fence Company follows the standard industry wide practice of placing all excess dirt around the base of the newly set posts and tamping it down as much as possible. This excess soil will settle over time, filling in, and preventing a swale from forming around the base of the post(s). The Fence Company will, for a fee: remove the excess dirt and place it in an area of your property designated by you, or remove; haul away, and dispose of the excess dirt.

Please be aware that the process of installing your fence will cause some moderate damage to the turf in and around the area of the installation. The average lawn will recover within 3 to 6 months. Also, please be aware that newly laid sod must be given a minimum of 3 weeks to root prior to scheduling your fence installation.

As part of your contract with us we will:

  1. Contact OUPS, which marks any publicly installed utilities, such as gas, electric, cable, etc., within the dig area to prepare for your fence installation.
  2. Provide you with required information, such as a plan drawing of your installation, to aid you in obtaining your zoning permit.
  3. Refer other professionals to you, such as survey, landscape, masonry, tree and debris removal, whom you may contact for a quote(s). For a complete list of our vendor partners, please visit the “contact us” on our website www.thefencecompanyonline.com.

Please read the details of your proposal carefully. Your proposal has been thoughtfully and carefully prepared just for you, and in it are contained a description of the linear footage proposed, this was measured at your direction during the estimate appointment; the type and style of fence material(s), and the size and type of gate(s) which you requested be included.

Please note that when comparing multiple proposals, it is helpful to make a list on a separate sheet of paper, or to open a new Excel spreadsheet. On it make several columns listing the name of each Company which provided you with a quote. Next list the linear footage measurement quoted by each company; the type or style of fence, etc. This will help make the process of comparison more manageable, and aid you in your decision making process.

Please feel free to contact us at 513-697-9006 to get answers to any questions you may have as you navigate the process of planning your fence installation.

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