How Do I Clean My Vinyl Fence?

Most dirt can be washed off with a mild soap and water solution. Heavier stains can be cleaned with any non-toxic household cleaner and then rinsed with a garden hose.  And while it’s perfectly possible to wash your fence by hand, many people prefer the speed of a power washer.  Whichever method you choose, removing grass clippings, dirt and fertilizer chemicals will keep your vinyl fence looking as new as possible.

To remove those minor stains, use a non-abrasive liquid cleaner. For removal of major stains, follow the manufacturer’s direction for one of the following cleaning agents:

  • Simple Green™ All purpose Cleaner
  • Mr. Clean™ Magic Eraser
  • Mineral spirits
  • Trichloroethylene
  • CLR (Calcium, Lime and Rust) cleaner
  • Vinegar

Note: Goof Off™ and Goo Gone™  are not recommended for stain removal.

Other Power Washing Cleaning Tips:

If you are using a power washer, you may want to fill the solution bottle with a mild detergent or diluted bleach; both are good cleaning solutions.

When cleaning vinyl fencing, it is important to use the pressure washer starting at the top of the fence and working down. Should any stubborn stains remain after the pressure washing, use a soft brush and non-abrasive cleaner to scrub the fence clean.  Pressure washers require some skill to use. It may be best to take an instruction course or contact a professional power-washing company.

A helpful Wiki on how to clean your vinyl fence:

What Are Some Other Maintenance Tips?

Wood 3-rail split pail with picket walk gateTo maximize the life of your fence, we suggest:

  • Adjust the gate every Spring. As a reminder, gate adjustments and leveling are normal care and maintenance items that the homeowner is responsible for.
  • Oil the gate hinges and tighten the screws once a year.
  • Do not let the gate swing in the wind. Keep it secured.
  • Deter children from swinging on the gate.
  • Re-tamp and realign loose posts.

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